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When the daily grind grinds you

Whenever I get home from work, my husband would ask, "How's your day?". I answer, "Busy and tired". I do that most of the time. I had been busy at work and no energy for conversation now. I just want to sit down and relax. 
But do I? My eyes wander and see that the room has changed. Clutter. Mess. I thought that it's disrespectful to not maintain the cleanliness and leave a space to rest happily. I was disappointed and uttered words of flame against my husband. I didn't see that he was tired, too. Running the home that day, making sure that there is cooked food at the table for us. Driver for the kids to school,and after school activities.
I forgot about that! And feel gutted to myself. This role reversal has given me privilege to work and leave my husband as a homemaker. He's not used to it. It's not his shape.
This daily grind leave us both exhausted and hurt. There is no more we can do than ask for intervention. This surely can't go on.

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